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Network Performance Assessment

It takes tremendous efforts, costs and time from network managers to map network behaviour and its response against all services in access across the network. Many organizations could claim that their networks are operating fine due high precision of deployment policies and as long as no interruption is experienced, which is true at sometimes, and other times, it is unnecessary to be reflecting how network services are actually running or will run to in case of any occasional deviations. Our performance assurance services can assess network services as well as simulating different traffic scenarios, for fine tuning and perform as planned.

Network Security Assessment

Network threats assessment used to be a complicated process in the past, and recently this task has gone far beyond just complicated due to the increased types and numbers of network attacks for either downtimes, or unauthorised data access.....or even more.
Today, Network Security Assessment requires more adaptive strategies and threat anticipation capabilities that could sustain and cope to, most if not all, changing network threats, which is the main responsibility we carried on in Neuron Centric Solutions to fulfill it with our strategic customers.